Indoor Growing : Hindu Kush Sativa Pheno???

  • 16. September 2011
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Subject: Hindu Kush Sativa Pheno???
Posted: 16September2011 at 22:12

Can someone explain to me how this is possible.

I purchased a pack of Hindu Kush from Sensi because I wanted a pure indica for my medical problems (crohn’s disease) as strains with sativa in them actually make my pain worse, and give me panic attacks.

Here is Sensi’s description of their Hindu Kush…

“This pure Indica seed-strain comes directly from the massive mountain range for which it is named. The Hindu Kush is the western spur of the Himalayas, covering half of Afghanistan and straddling the borders of Pakistan and India, reaching almost to China.

This cultivar has been selected for quality and stability over countless generations, always breeding within its own gene pool. Hindu Kush produces very consistent seedlings and is an excellent variety for uniform indoor crops grown straight from seed. Plants are dark green, squat and powerful with classic, broad-bladed Indica leaves. In warmer climates, below about 42N, Hindu Kush can flourish outdoors.

Flowering is strong and reliable, producing fast harvests of thick Afghani buds even in the hands of a novice grower. Hindu Kush has a subtle scent of sandalwood tinged with the sweet aroma of fresh charas. Potency is remarkably high for a non-hybrid strain, with the mellow, positive body vibration possessed by the famous high-altitude Indicas. Hindu Kush also imparts a calm, contemplative mental state, instead of the brain-numbing stone of later Indica, Afghanica and Skunk hybrids.”

If this is PURE INDICA as they state, and selected for quality and STABILITY, always INBRED, producing CONSISTENT seedlings, DARK GREEN, SQUAT, BROAD BLADED, etc etc. Then what the EF is going on with my seeds?

Out of 6 seeds that germinated, I’ve got three that sound like the above description, and three that look like PURE SATIVA! They are taller than the rest, lighter green, with very thin leaves. Side by side with a fellow grower’s super silver haze plant from Greenhouse Seeds, they look almost identical. SSH is almost 100% saliva.

How is it possible to get a sativa pheno in a PURE indica?   I feel like I’ve gotten totally ripped off here, as this is not what their description stated. I emailed them about it, and just got a limp dick cut and paste response that said “Ask in the forum, we can’t talk about cultivating cannabis” I’ve got a medical card in Canada, and I’m 100% legal to grow and use.

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