My girlfriend and the herb

  • 16. September 2011
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So I met my girlfriend 3-4 months ago, and in the beginning I sort of hid my smoking habits from her, I hid it because I knew she was raised with very different believes than I had (not religious of any sort, just in a sort of strict house).

A couple of weeks ago I told her all about my love for the herb and that I strongly favored a legalization, she was more or less shocked and told me she would never take me for a weed smoker. She got very upset and we got into an argument, and at one point I started considering if I had to choose between her and smoking.

Then a couple of days later she came to me and told me she had done some research on her own and figured it really wasn’t as bad as she first thought. She was also very interested in trying some. I immediately phoned up my guy and bought a few grams and we spent the entire night smoking, eating good food, talking and a few things extra ;). She loved it.

I’m currently out of my country, but she told me she can’t wait until I get back and we can share a joint together again. She even inhaled without coughing too much, even though she’s never touched a cigarette in her life.

Is she a keeper or what? :hello:

Oh, and she has the same name as the first bong I ever owned before I even met her. This shit is meant to be!
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