Arjan’s Strawberry Haze

  • 17. September 2011
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Well i know a grower who just finished growing this strain from Greenhouse Seeds in Amsterdam… and he let me have a fat bowl of it to test

For those of you who dont know who Arjan is

Arjan is founder of Green House coffeeshops and Green House Seed Company.

His strains have won 32 Cannabis Cup awards, 17 HighLife marijuana awards, and dozens more awards at marijuana competitions across Europe and the rest of the world!

It?s because Arjan travels the world as a Strain Hunter, looking for rare marijuana genetics. Then he and his grower buddy Franco bring the strains back to Holland for serious breeding and perfecting. Green House is responsible for some of the strongest and rarest medical marijuana strains.

Arjan has pioneered a wide array of Haze varieties that include multiple versions of Ultra Haze, along with Lemon Haze, and Neville?s Haze

Other Green House strains that have won Cannabis Cup awards or awards at similar marijuana events include Himalayan Gold, White Rhino, White Widow, El Nino, Great White Shark, The Doctor, Super Silver Haze, Hawaiian Snow, Trainwreck, The Church and Alaskan Ice.

Strain Hunters! (Arjan goes around the world to find the best seeds!)

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The nug actually smelled like some strawberry candy or something!
So i smoked it and it is by far the strongest HAZE that i have smoked…
I grew Super Silver Haze myself and this beats it by far!
The high is Heavy like some really strong O.G. which i never get from any Haze

But ya just sharing my thoughts on this strain because it really surprised me on how strong of a Haze it was lol
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