pc box…running out of room for 2 autos..HELP ME!!

  • 18. September 2011
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hey guys….i could really use some solid advice here from an expert (or 10 🙂 )

my current grow consists of 2 afghan ryder kush femmed autos in my pc box.

started from seed about 3.5 weeks ago, one is now an inch from the lights and starting to curl (im assuming its the heat)

with a month or so left in the grow cycle, it will surely grow into the lights and cause more problems.

i know i need a larger cabinet, and its in the works, but money issues have stalled the progress.

everything ive read about autos says not to trim or lst or top or fimm, which is what i used to do when i was growing photoperiod plants in the pc box.

the growth on the sides is also overgrowing the box and many of the large fan leaves are growing along the walls and bending going up or down the sides.

what should i do????

my instinct says to trim the offending leaves on the sides and top the plant. but all the info i have, says not to.

any ideas? from someone who knows of course LOL
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