The Church [Hybrid – Indica D]

  • 18. September 2011
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This is a really nice indica dominant hybrid from northern California called The Church… Northern Lights x Swiss Sativa x Skunk x Super Skunk

Name: The Church
From: Home grown medical marijuana from northern California
Strain info: Hybrid (Indica dominant)
Pricing: $400-550 / oz if sold on the street of a non-medical state.
Looks: Beautiful dark green nugs with pretty orangy-brown pistils. The nugs are fairly dense, but have a nice fluff to them. They have little 6mmx8mm dome bud protrusions that come out of the bottom side of the larger nugs.
Smells: Very hard to describe… I have a batch of Monkey Paw which is very fresh and lively, but when I smell The Church it feels like the exact opposite. The smell is dulling and "warm".
Taste: Extremely smooth marijuana. I have taken massive rips from a bong, pipe, and vaporizer and not coughed at all. The taste is very hidden and hides with the smoothness of the hit.
How this shit hits: Very uplifting head high with a concurring body high. The cerebral buzz wears off and the body high remains. This stuff is very potent and the next day will be as cloudy as your hits were!
Length: Very long. 80+ minute stone, 120+ minute high/buzz. Total: 200+ minutes

The trichomes on this bud are full and entangling! It’s so sticky and fresh that my grinder wont collect kief 🙁


(I got at a special deal, $150 an oz) 🙂
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