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  • 19. September 2011
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Subject: White Label Northern Lights (feminized)
Posted: 19September2011 at 02:43

First things first: props to the good folx at the Sensi Seed Bank/White Label Seed Company. These genetics are absolutely top notch!

The phenotype uniformity amongst them is really quite impressive. The fact that every bean I cracked was female and easily worthy of becoming a clone mother is more impressive. Though they were grown mostly stress free, none of them showed even the slightest tendency towards hermpahprodism (even at 30x magnification). Distance between nodes was short and the flower to leaf ratio was great.

Seed Vendor: Attitude

Vegetative growth: 35 days (from seed)

Veg photoperiod: 18/6 (day/night)

Veg temps: 70F-75F

Veg light: 250W ?blue spectra? CFL

Harvest: 55 days of 12/12 (90 days from seed)

Flower photoperiod: 12/12

Flower temps: 65F-75F (down to 50F last 2 weeks flowering)

Flower light: 400W HPS (digital ballast)

Pots: 1 gallon square Rootmaker brand

Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Floor

Plugs: General Hydroponics Rapid Rooters


Fungi Perfecti MycoGrow soluble (every watering cycle)

GH FloraNectar ? 10mL/gal (every watering)

GH DiamondBlack ? 10mL/gal (every watering)

GH DiamondNectar ? 10mL/gal (every watering during vegetative)

GH Floralicious ? 5mL/gal (every watering, grow during vegetative & bloom during flower)

GH FloraBlend ? 10mL/gal (every watering)

Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Castile Soap ? 5drops/gal (every watering)


GH FloraNova Grow (as needed)

GH FloraNova Bloom (as needed)

GH KoolBloom liquid ? used aggressively from week 2 of flowering forward

Basically, the General Hydroponics ?drain to waste? nutrient/additive charts were used almost verbatim.

The seeds were germinated between damp paper towels at a very carefully controlled 78F. All seeds were cracked within 22 hours. A very detailed writeup of my germination process can be found here:

Seeds at 22 hours (red boxes highlight the emerging tap root):

The germinated seeds were planted (tap root down) in General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter plugs. The plugs were kept in a humidity dome at 78F until they were 72 hours old. They were then transplanted to small Rootmaker pots filled with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil.

Seedling at 72 hours:

At 21 days of age, the seedlings were transplanted to 1 gallon Rootmaker pots filled with FFOF soil.

At 25 days, side branching was already quite extensive:

The very first definitive pre-flower was visible under 30x magnification at 29 days.

Pre-flowers were visible on all plants at 35 days so flowering was initiated by switching the lights to 12/12. The nutrient regimen was modified to the budding formula.

Here are the ladies at 38 days, 3 days into flowering. Bending/LST began right after this picture was taken.

Here are four of the ladies 31 days into flowering. Bending has been used extensively to level out the canopy and maximize the light from my 400W HPS light.

A fower macro at 31 days:

Full canopy at 40 days flowering:

Full Canopy at 43 days:

Bud macro at 43 days:

Full canopy at 49 days with a Bic lighter for scale comparison. One of the four is showing some lovely purpling:

Close up of a purple pheno bud:

I didn’t take any canopy pictures before harvest, but I did take some high magnification macros of the trichomes.

These are 90 days from seed with 55 days of 12/12:

Thank you very much, Sensi/White Label!!!! This is fantastic quality medicine.

The smoke is extremely good at dulling neuropathic pain and excellent for calming spasticity. Appetite stimulation is strong with absolutely zero paranoia and/or speedy/rushing/rising quality. The dry mouth and eyes aren’t as severe as I would expect from a stone like this.

My advice when smoking White Label Northern Lights: don’t make plans. This is a definite “sit on your head” narcotic stone. Though it will not put you to sleep, it is GREAT to smoke before bed because it is so incredibly relaxing.

The high is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I strongly recommend this strain for anyone suffering from chronic pain issues.

Trichome production is profuse, even on the larger fan leaves. The trim makes excellent water hash.

My only complaint (and it isn’t a complaint as much as a warning to other growers) is the smell.

During the last weeks of flowering, this strain REEKS. And the smell has a very greasy dank quality that sticks to your clothing and seeps through any cracks in your flowering space. First rate odor control is absolutely required with this strain unless you want to smell it half a block away!!!

The aroma is wonderful, by the way. There are strong hints of juniper and citrus just as advertised (I love a truthful breeder). The juniper character is so biting and intense during late flowering/drying that one will wonder if the smoke will taste bad.

It doesn’t! That juniper stank is a delicious flavor when smoking!

A proper slow cure improves the aroma and flavor almost exponentially. 30 days makes it sweet. But 90 days turns it into one of those amazing smoking experiences that just drops your jaw. I have a half pint canning jar from the first harvest that won’t be opened until it is at least 180 days old. I’m REAL psyched to crack that jar…

Thank you Sensi/White Label!!!
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