Moving Out; Not easy…

  • 22. September 2011
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I recently got promoted and decided what better of a reward than finally moving out of my mom’s and getting a nice apartment…

I’m 21, so I think it’s time.

Where it gets difficult is finding a roommate. Most people I know personally have already settled into their living arrangements and/or I don’t want to live with them. I would ask my best friend, but she STILL doesn’t work. I’m tired of waiting on her to actually get off the couch and fill out some fkin applications.

I tried browsing ads for people I don’t know, but I don’t like the idea of that either because I am a daily toker and this would need to be okay with the person I live with. You can’t exactly ask someone that point blank if you do not know them. (or maybe I should, hell I don’t know…)

Ideally, I’d like to room with someone who smokes/is okay with the fact that i smoke & is down for fun times, I won’t compromise much with this because I’m not gonna live with someone whose a stick in the mud/negative nancy/party-pooper…

I’m truly at a standstill with my plans and I’d like to move out soon.
Can anyone relate or provide me with some suggestions?
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