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  • 22. September 2011
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Subject: Hermaphroditism
Posted: 22September2011 at 09:17

more than a year ago I bought some seeds for indoor growing feminized thinking about having the opportunity to put on a small greenhouse at home … due to a series of unexpected I had to quit for a little while, until this spring when has presented the opportunity to start a outdoor … are not the only seeds I planted, there are some taken from plants that I smoked. 4 and 4 were homemade feminized. 2 were male, and have flourished as a textbook first. the other 2 are now in full bloom.

Instead feminized seeds have started to bloom a few days but there is a problem! If I did not know where I’d say they are males, but this is not possible then have to be hermaphrodites.

the problem is they are all so 4! likely to happen that there were such a thing? it is possible to recognize and eliminate male flowers before they open like the picture? someone help me!

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