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  • 23. September 2011
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Subject: F**K ROCKWOOL!
Posted: 23September2011 at 14:01

Originally posted by Avid

Hey there! I would like to say I mastered soil growing over that last year but just can’t get the hang of growing in rockwool!I tried cloning several times now and they allways root but take a month or longer and they just never look healthy, soon as a plant them in soil they are fine though.I upgraded to hydo recently and the cubes need to be *packed* full of roots before I can use them, spent the last three months now without any plants on the go because the roots seem to get so far then stop growing…. I put them in the hydo and they die within 48 hours because the light dries them out… :(This is my final attempt if this doesn’t work I’m giving up, I bought 15 (NL5xHaze) seeds which cost me a fortune, and I tried again in 4″ rockwool cubes. They are just over three weeks old and look puny… Still way under developed for my hydro and the roots stopped growing and the leaves are starting to deteriorateHalf have been fed VITALINK PLANT START SEEDLING FEED at the reccomended dose and the other half CANNA AQUA VEGA A&B at reccomended strength. I heard the PH rises when using rockrool so the two feeds they had were 5.5PH. Within a day of the first feed the PH of the rockwool rocketed to 7PH, my second feed was also 5.5PH but the PH went back up to 7 again in the cubes so thats what their currently at.They are under a 400W MH atm the momment and the cubes were soaked through with feed 4 days ago now. Please help me what am I doing wrong???

Due to the chemistry of the water i recomend using RO water or demineralized water. You will not have this problem then.

Have u tested the GH and the KH of your water? is it hard or soft water? alot of bicarbonate in the water tends to push the ph because of the buffering effect. Its measured in KH 1-14. In hydro we dont want a KH over 4 because of the amount of acid needed to overcome the ph buffering capacity of the carbonate. Also kalsiumkarbonate will raise ur ph above 7.

Check ur watersource. it might not be well suited.
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