Question, Aerogarden Or Make Your Own…Please Help

  • 23. September 2011
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First I want to start off saying this forum has lots of great info, with people willing to help others grow better. I have grown out doors for about 3 years, just planting enough to last me until next planting season. The beginning of each season I had a friend who was nice enough to give me a few clones.

However, he is not growing anymore and will not be giving me clones next year. So I want to try and keep this female that is growing outside and just started to bud…alive during the winter, until spring.

I was thinking of getting the aerogarden but after looking at the price, I’m having second thoughts.


Should I just make a bucket setup and get the lights which are similar to the ones used on the aerogarden…a few post, say you can make a bucket setup for around $50.

Dont get me wrong, the aerogarden is cool and all…but I’m just trying to understand the "Benefit" of spending about $180 for a unit that can be made for alot less. I have read alot of threads in the Aerogarden section and most talk about how they use better nutes, and use/add better lights and add extra air stone. So if they are doing ALL extra stuff to the Aerogarden, what then is the unit good for?

I truly could use some advice. Why did you choose to use this unit over a custom build? Why you feel its worth it? Knowing what you know now, would you still get this unit, or custom? Or was price really not a factor and you just wanted to try something different?

Please…before anyone thinks of flaming me…I’m not trying to knock the unit…I’m simply trying to figure out why people spend the money on it and then add all the extra stuff, that you could use to make your very own.

Thanks in advance,
Mike S

PS: I really could use some help on this. I’m a complete newbie to indoor growing and I’m sure this kind of information might be helpful to other people.
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