What REALLY happened to Club rolling papers?

  • 23. September 2011
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I work at a small smoke shop and about a year ago our rolling paper supplier (HBI) told us we could no longer continuously order Club rolling papers; they had a certain amount of stock and although they could sell the remaining cases to us at a higher price, they couldn’t get any additional cases. Our sales rep said that there were many rumors flying around – one was that they sold their business to a tobacco company so they could sell under the Club name or something like that, and another was that their main competitor (which I would assume to be HBI, as they make the popular Elements/RAW papers) bought them out to stifle the competition.

We ended up paying an arm and a leg for several cases due to the fact that we thought that they were now out of production and there was a high demand for the papers, but we had to almost double the price.. and of course we had mixed reactions from our customers, everything from "oh yeah, I heard another company bought them out" to "they never stopped producing them, you’re just ripping me off!"

To this day I still haven’t gotten a straight answer about what happened to Club papers, but today we asked one of our smaller distributors if they had any left and they said "oh yeah, we’ve got plenty of the Modiano & square gummed booklets, no ungummed Bistros or Cabarets though." There are two websites (RollingPaperWarehouse.com & RollingPapers.com) that say they are out of production and every pack on eBay says they’re "rare" or "vintage" – so what happened to them? Are they really out of business? Did they get bought out? Are they only producing Modianos & gummed square booklets now? Customers are always asking about what happened to them and when I ask (customers and suppliers) it seems like I hear something different from each person I talk to.

Thanks in advance guys, you’ve always been helpful
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