My first grow 4 bagseed 1 feminized Jack

  • 24. September 2011
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Hey GC, so after yrs of lurking and researching I’ve started my first grow 4 bagseed and 1 feminized jack herer seed ( possibly 1 big band as well) no pics Atm ( at work) but I’ll list what I’ve done and what I used to set up my room so far

Grow space : 32" X 32" X 62" ( $60 tent found on eBay, cheap but very sturdy came with 4 6" duct vents and 3 1 sq ft intake vents at the bottom)

Light : 600w hps with cool tube ( no mh bulb all hps this first grow)

Medium and Nutrients : ffof soil and grow big nutes for veg, don’t kno what I’ll use during flowering suggestions?

Ventilation : 1 400 cfm hydrofarm inline fan with speed controller 1 standard tower fan ( always oscillating) and 1 small 6" desk fan pointed at the light

Seeds : 4 bagseeds (the vile I keep my seeds in has collected since my first year I started smokin in 2006 mostly mids but hopefully I can improve it since I’m fairly sure the plant it came from was poorly cared for seeing as there arent many growers in my state )

1 Jack Herer from bulldog and 1 bigband from kannabia

So far the 4 bag seed has been grown under 6 100 w cfls which I was using until the 600w came, which it did 4 days ago n I set it up on the 21st( my birthday). The plants are 2 weeks old around 15 or 16 days with 2 true leaf sets formed the jack herer is 1 week old with it’s baby leaves still small though the plants were started at different times they’ll all go into flower the same time, I’ll also top and lst a lil bit too. Brw temps in the tent max out at 90 91* fand get as low as 85,relative humidy stays around 35-49 atm should i adjust thos some?Thanks for checking me out couldn’t wait to give back to the community and any advice through out is greatly appreciated, also let me know if I forgot some information.
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