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  • 26. September 2011
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ok so currently i have a knockoff vape genie (no not the one with lead paint or whatever i checked) and it has been working pretty great for me. i use it all the time and i can use it in my room. its quick, easy, fun to do hahah. i love vaporizing. also you get all the weed that you vape back as AVW(already vaped weed). but the creamic screen has long since burned away from lighting it with the lighter and i have had to replace the screen in it several times which is becoming annoying because its hard to find the right screens. so i figured now that i have a job, and i have a steady income for a high school stundent, why dont i buy my self a nice brand name portable vaporizer? so i decided that i would save enough money for when i go to visit my brother at boulder colorado so i can buy one there. i was so happy that i thought of this but then i realized that i had no idea which one to get. now that i have done a little bit of research i think the ones im deciding between are the Magic flight launch box, the iolite, or the new wispr thing by iolite, or maybe a real vape genie but only if theres nothing else. so what do you guys think? i want it the one that is the most convenient. please let me know what you guys think from personal experience or whatever. happy blazin, sorry if its a little hard to understand i am highhhh asss a motha fuckaaaaaa
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