Can you tune a grow room???

  • 26. September 2011
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While reading up on ballasts I realised they perform much the same function as an amplifier would in a hi-fi and it got me thinking. I have been into hi-fi for over 20 years now and know the sound improvements you can make with good accessories such as stands, supports and quality cables. Now I run some fairly expensive power cables for everything in my hi-fi set-up, so once my new grow room is built, I plan on trying them out on the ballasts and testing the results.

I will also be using damping technology borrowed from hi-fi on the room and more directly on the fans, I am buying the wooden acoustic fans and plan to use spikes countersunk into the bottom of the cabinets, the spikes then rest on damping pods that you normally use for wooden/laminate flooring.

Once I have completed the room, I will post results on eveything I test,decibel levels of undamped vs damped fans, and lumens levels from standard and upgraded cable, and anything else relevent to subject.

Who knows, in future the grow room may even be treated to the same balanced mains conditioner that currently powers my hi-fi!.:D
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