Is there any safe form of K2 (Spice)?

  • 26. September 2011
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Okay I know you can’t talk about other drugs on the forums, but chill out for a second, it’s practically the same thing.

I smoked K2 a while back, and then found out how bad it is. But what exactly makes it bad? Is it simply the synthetic THC, and if so is there any form of safe synthetic THC? Or is it something else, like do they put other crap on it or something?

Finally, a little bit off the subject. I’ve only been high on K2, and it wasn’t good, I got freaked out by it, and every time I’ve tried regular weed I haven’t gotten high (mostly because I didn’t take many hits because I was scared shitless from the K2). So next time I smoke weed if I get high, you think it will effect me differently from K2? Will I most likely enjoy it?
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