Big Ass Homemade Gravity Bong

  • 28. September 2011
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I had been using the standard two liter bottle and 20 oz bottle set up for a while before going to baltimore and buying a vortex. After I moved to mississippi, i found a big ass five gallon vase that was at least 4 feet tall and 8 inches in diameter. heavy as hell. my brother and i put it in a bath tube. cut a hole in a two liter bottle and cap, inserted my glass bowl and ripped the shit out of that. immediately, the tiny bathroom was hot boxed and I was so high that I would have fallen facedown on the floor if I hadn’t gotten trapped in a corner. This was also the first time getting high after three months and losing 45 pounds. I hadn’t even been drinking soda or eating crap food and was feeling pretty cleansed before the hit. We just stood there laughing for like ten minutes while the dogs barked outside the bathroom door until I was like "dude, you know what we just made". my brother aims these big lizard eyes at me and is like "yeah, we got to name it.". "way ahead of you" i go "remember the greek myth of daedulus and icarus….?" to make a long story short I named it "Icarus" which was fitting because my brothers dumbass tried to get even higher and ended up breaking my only glass bowl, just like in the myth when icarus tries to get higher to the sun and gets the wax feathers burned. we immediately agreed to get tattoos, mine would say "daedulus" since I had designed the contraption and his would be "Icarus". thank god we didn’t follow through with that, but we still talk about that massive g bong.
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