Paradise Seeds All Kush???

  • 28. September 2011
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Anyone have any info on Paradise Seeds All Kush? I Googled it and not much info available about this strain.

I’m looking for a quick flowering, potent strain that produces a good yield and will be perfect for a SOG set up and this seems like it fits the bill.

Here is the description from Attitude:

Allkush reveals its Kush heritage in compact
appearance and stouth growth characteristics. but the one-quarter Sativa shines
through in the quality of the smoking experience, the high is dynamic and long
lasting. The overall sensation is a deep body relaxing effect but also registers on a cerebral level. This
effect starts in the lungs and sexual organs then rises throughout the other
parts of the body rapidly until you feel completely at ease and cannot longer
suppress a big grin on your face! She is the queen for hash production..The
flavor is as full, somewhat sweet. the enticing odor is deep and powerful.

Allkush stays on the short side maximum 2 mtrs in
height and hardly stretches once she is put into the flowering cycle .She
develops a large resinous top floral cluster and is perfect for a sea of green
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