Get The Most Out Of Your Marijuana: Sherlock Luxury Kief Boxes

  • 3. October 2011
  • News

?More and more marijuana users and growers have discovered the joys of kiefing, that is, harvesting some of the trichomes from dried cannabis flowers to make a potent concentrated medicine that can be smoked, sprinkled on foods or in a drink, or used in cooking. One of the best ways to kief (also spelled “kif” or “keif”) buds is with a kief box, especially designed for just that purpose.That’s where Sherlock Box comes in. Donnie Rabenaldt of Sherlock Box told me he began building these kief boxes two years ago.”The response has been amazing,” Rabenaldt said. “I am in a handful of stores in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. I plan on bringing my boxes to the shelves of Denver stores soon.”

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