Will this can filter setup work?


I had my can filter setup originally with a few bends in it…and i swore i walked into my room one day and smells the plant. At that time i had a little computer fan on the top ceiling of my tent pushing hot air out. I decided to change things up and try something new…i just did a straight shot from the can filter on the floor to the ceiling vent.

My duct booster fan is rated at 70 CFM and my filter is rated at about 40 something CFM. I remember hearing that you want your can filter to be rated higher. But the guy in the garden shop assured me this setup would work if you adjust the ducting the right way. I should’ve asked more about it…but i trust you all more. Is what i have set up now going to work? I mean obviously time will tell…but if you guys have a better idea for me maybe explain it or draw a little picture in paint for me 😉

BTW…check out my soil grow journal..i topped my plant…im thinking it was a mistake…but want to know whats going to become of my plant because i topped.

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