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like i just dont understand how like we can devolve into our feelings and just sit back and watch our selfs from different time lines in life like as in if you’re sitting there and moving and doing your day to day life like think of what you did through out that whole day like re think of that past da what can you remember? you cant really remember much when you look back its like a few photo snapframe you dont have the fool thing on replay you just have a few pictures to analyze and you have to put it back together like it’s not like watching a movie or something, what i think is maybe we are like not really working ourelfs like look at your self a year ago like fully anaylze it ca nyou remembe r what you did vividly no you cant becase to remember what you did as in the whole memory would require heaps ad heaps of memory and time so you want to remember a whole miniute of back in that day say 7 am alright sure but if youre going to watch the whole tighin its going to take a minute of your current time and you’re delayed so what i was thinking is why do we need just photo pictures of our past than what is it going to benefit us in the future than i thought when you pass away you may need to have all your memory in a time frame on a hard drive if you know what i mean so the ycan replay it all and fix your life back together as another animal and load you into something else if you know what i mean like a cow or something just fully thing of it its weird as i dont understand it.
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