THC glycerin tincture


Hi I am new here and have been doing some research on tinctures. I tried posting this before but for some reason, it didn’t work.

Anyway, I made a tincture using 2 fl oz glycerin and about ~5 grams of weed. I put this thick mixture into an amber bottle and let it sit in a warm place for two days. I then put in a crock pot on low for 12 hours (with water).

I opened up the bottle and it smells very strongly but the actual tincture seems to not be an amber color (like some pictures online) and the weed is still green.

I am wondering is this normal? Should I let it go a few weeks despite doing the crock pot method? I just don’t want to waste the weed after a failed attempt of cannabutter recently (I burnt it).

I am wondering for any advice on the subject, as well as an opinion on using the crock pot method. There is a lot of recipes online and it’s hard to figure out what which one to use. I was just making a small batch. I would like to use this tincture soon and that’s why I used the crock pot…
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