day 1 Himalaya blue diesel journal


i only got one blue diesel seed and its germinating right now in a paper towel. my other seeds are still on their way. i got diesel ryder, auto bomb, berry bomb, grapefruit, and white widow seeds. what do you think is the best/fastest method for germinating? i soak my seeds overnight then fold them up in wet paper towel, then put that on a plate and put another plate over it. but that takes a couple days, i was wondering if anyone knows a method that will sprout them overnight? ive heard of this happening plenty of times, but ive never heard the method they used.

my next update will be when it sprouts
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  • blu disel autofiorente
  • crescimento da green o matic autogrow

  • grapefruit diesel seeds
  • blu disel autofiorente
  • himalaya blue diesel grow
  • germinazione semi autobomb
  • crescimento da green o matic autogrow


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