Fantastic Seedbay experience.


Got my seeds within a very reasonable period of time and in the breeder package. Shipping was very discreet and stealthy. Got TEN, not a misprint, TEN free seeds!:D As good of an experience as I could have hoped for. They’ve made a long term customer out of me.
Don’t expect a bunch of emails telling you they got your money, the day they shipped, a tracking number or anything like that. I sent the money, waited, got my seeds safely and discreetly. That’s it.
Do what they say, be cool, get your seeds and be happy. Very simple. If you expect a lot of hand holding and constant communication then you will be disappointed. If you can do a few simple things like, send your money and wait for your seeds, you will be very happy.
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  • Fantastic Seedbay
  • FantasticSeedbayexperience |kaliergia
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  • seedbay usa stealthy


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