titanium nitride nail / poker


I’m getting into the oil scene but thrifty mcfrugalling it the whole way.

Most likley if I get into it i’ll have a few custom titanium nails and pokers machined, but for the interem i’m thinking about what I can use to improvise. to get RED HOT :angry: to dab some oil onto to vape it. :angel: I know you can use borosilicate… and also you can alternativley use quartz. But… they make drill bits that are coated with titanium nitride.
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Does anyone think it’d be good to get a titanium nitride nail red hot and vape some oil dabbed off another titanium nitride coated bit?

My next measure would be to try a rock store for a nice chunk of some quarts, thats pretty much a sure fire success unless there’s something i don’t know… ie that there is a difference between the quartz they machine the retail style nails out of and the kind of quartz you get at a gem store, I kind of doubt that though.
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  • titanium nitride nail

  • titanium nitride nail
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