Indoor Growing : Mother Plant Maintenance


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Subject: Mother Plant Maintenance
Posted: 15October2011 at 15:58

Hello Hello,

My mother is growing way too big for the veg area. I have to build a new veg area but she’s still has to be a manageable size. She’s about 26″ in height and 18″ in width at the bottom. The bottom shoots are 9″ each.

I don?t need to start cloning just yet. I’ve to set up the veg area over the next 2 weeks and start cloning then, all going to plan of course.

For now I’d like to prune the mother plant down to a size I’ll be able to keep ok. I can’t put the light up anymore so I’ll have to take the top off her. Shame as she’s pretty out as is. Lol

Here are some pictures. They were taken after a feeding so she?s drooping a bit..

Any suggestions where I should cut the top off??. Going to try a make a clone out it if I can.

Should I cut 7? which has the top and 4 sets of leaves or 5? which has 3 set of leaves or take more off??

Where exactly should I cut?? (Half way between sets of leaves??)

Will she still grow up after I make the cutting?

Should I cut the lower 9? shoots?

Will they grow back?

Any suggestions what?s best to keep mother plants healthy and a manageable size much appreciated? ?

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