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Dutch Passion began working with cannabis seeds and cannabis breeding in the 1970’s and we were formally established as a business in the 1980’s making us one of the earliest originalseedbanks and one of the oldest remaining ones. Our initial ambition was simply to create superior quality strains, making use of some of the best genetics from places such as Thailand, Afghanistan, Africa and South America and California. In fact the marijuana produced from our first strains was far better than all of the cannabis that was imported into Amsterdam in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Many of the early coffee shops wanted our strains as a more potent alternative to the always variable quality marihuana that was imported. Our business was born and I suppose Dutch Passions destiny was too. 

We didn’t really appreciate it at the time perhaps, but a slow revolution had started. The first Dutch growers realised that with good quality seeds they could grow better weed than they could buy. Then, step by step, so did people in other countries. Today a generation later and more people are growing their own weed than at any other point in human history. It has been a truly astounding transi­tion that few would have foreseen. In Europe and other centres of can­nabis consumption much of the weed is now produced domestically rather than imported.

With so many people growing weed the demand for seeds has never been as high. A generation ago relatively few people thought of buying and growing their own seeds, yet today it is seen as quite normal. Growing cannabis indoors does requires some specialist knowledge to get the grow area designed well, but growing in a greenhouse or outdoors is not at all complicated. The internet or cannabis grow-books explain what little information you need and none of it is too complicated. Once you have good

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