This is my friends theory about Tolerance… thoughts?


Ok, so my friend says that he smokes about 2-3 bowls of mids a day and that by doing this he becomes used only to the very weak low weed.

He then connects this to keeping his tolerance low since all he does most of the time is smoke mids which is much weaker strain.

So he says he can still smoke something better like Kush once a week etc… and still get super blazed because he is just getting a much stronger amount all of a sudden instead of constant mids (Reminds me of coffee fiends lol)

But yeah what do you guys think? Smoke mids all the time so you can satisfy the smoking addiction (Oops should I have used another way to describe it? Who cares, I love to smoke all the time!) and then smoke something a lot better everyonce in awhile to get really high when you want/need to?
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  • pensamentos mundial sobre a tolerancia


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