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I want to grow indoors and outdoors. I am confused with all the kits that sell and advertise. I really don’t want to buy a book. I prefer a video that tells me the basic information. Is there a video you can recom­mend? Are there a small book and a hydro kit that I can forget about and just check once in a while? I don’t want to spend much. I also get confused about sexing plants and cloning etc.


Growing both indoors and outdoors is definitely pos­sible where you live. There is a lot of land outdoors to grow on. There are many different videos that explain the basics on how to grow. The videos will give you

the ABCs of growing and get you started in the right direction, but they are difficult to pull specific details from when you have a problem. You should check out (only registered users can se the link, login or register) and search “Jorge Cervantes” “Jorge Cervantes Medical” for how to grow videos. Other entertaining videos about genetics is found on (only registered users can se the link, login or register)com at “Strainhunters.” Two very complete grow videos in Spanish ((only registered users can se the link, login or register)).

Your request to “forget about and just check once in a while” is not realistic since you have little or no experience. Would you feel safe as a passenger in a car with a driver whose only experience behind the wheel was watching an instructional driving video? Do you think it is a good idea for this inexperienced driver to put the car on autopilot because they did not want to deal with traffic?

You can also buy one of the “grow closets” that make growing very easy. But there is always more to learn. If you are like most growers, you will want to be the best. Take time to learn more and put it into practice. Buy a book, go to (only registered users can se the link, login or register) website to find a wealth of information in your language. You are at the beginning of a life-long journey of growth.

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