Too many fingers


My boyfriend and I are growing indoors. We have 5 plants that are 3 months old. They have been on constant light until last week. Now they are on 20 hours and off 4. The plants tops have 9 leaves. I thought seven was the target number?


Keeping the lights on 24 hours a day might make plants grow a little faster. But I think you will be doing fine with 18 hours of light. Plants need a bit of time without light. It is when they process a lot of the chemicals in their cells.

Leaves with 9 blades are normal for plants that are strong healthy and growing well. The number of “fingers” on your leaves means they are growing well. Also look for a healthy green color and the margins of the leaves should not be discolor­ed or distorted in any way. Discoloration and distortion signify fertilizer imbalance and are generally treated by flushing out excess fertilizer salts.

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