experiences with silkroad?


I have recentley been looking at silkroad. They have pretty damn good quality for damn good prics. I need to save some money and i am currently getting half os for 140. On silk road you can get a full o of top grade dank for 200-350, and gooood mids for like 130 an o. they also sell hash at less than 10 dollars a g, they sell edibles and concentrates, they sell every drug you can think of (kind of weird) I want to order like maybe an ounce off there. What have your experiences been like with silkroad? Good packaging/ stealth? what is the probibility of the post office smelling it? they vaccum seal it, and i am not worried about them tracing my ip or finding my computer because they use TOR (a private web browser basically), but i would be kind of sketched out about just ordering an ounce to my house. So GC tell me of your silkroad experiences
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