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So I would not call myself a beginner but this seems to be the right place to pose a question like this.

Currently I run my veg room @ 18/6 then just place them into the flower box @12/12 in about a week they just take off. I was reading around the internet just to see if there is anything that I could do to improve my process and came across a lighting schedule that looked something like this.

week 1 – 18/6 (veg)
week 2 – 18/6 (veg)
week 3 – 18/6 (veg)
week 4 – 18/6 (veg)
week 5 – 16/8
week 6 – 14/8
this went on until the 12/12 mark, and it was way more detailed than what I exactly typed cutting time off every day to achieve the weekly number.

So finally here is the question, will a smooth transition like this have a significant impact on my plants? I know my current method works without any ill effects. Would recreating the lighting times to match the suns natural daylight hours be of any help?
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  • luce 14/8 autofiorenti

  • luce 14/8 autofiorenti


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