Help!! Bong broken while being shipped!


I ordered a Black Leaf Nautilus inline bong from a notable website. It was delivered today and when I opened it, the perculator was broken in 3 pieces :cry:. I emailed them about it and sent them pictures of the damage and asked what they were going to do about it. Im currently awaiting a response because its 10pm where i ordered it right now. How good are my chances of getting helped out here? Also, I ordered some screens for my bong when i ordered it, and i didnt get them in the order either. They’re cheap, but since they didnt send them to me and i paid for them, doesnt that give me some pull in this situation? Im so pissed cause ive been waiting on this thing for a week and i open it and its busted! So disappointing haha..

What do you think GC? 😎
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