First tolerance break


so i recently just started smoking. i was smoking every day for 10-15 days or so, im not really sure. But i used to get high as fuck off mids and shit but i upgraded to heds and just kept smoking and smoking and smoking and smoking ya know :hello:
anyway, i started realizing that i was out smoking my buddy that got me into it….i was like what the efffff broooooooo :devious:
so yea my tolerance started pissing me off (my tolerance isnt that high but i wanted to get back to getting high off a couple hits…i.e. shits expensive hahaha)

So the tolerance break ends on wednesday. I cannot fucking waitt. Gunna blow out soooo muchhh all day.

I dont really know why i posted this as a thread but….its helping me deal with the break lol.
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  • weed tolerance break


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