16-20 plant grow.


This is my second grow, and my first didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked due to the fact that I didn’t have a pH meter and 3/4 of my plants died. :/ … These basic issues have been resolved and I’m ready to give it a go. It’s late and I can’t post pics now, but tomorrow I will show you the set up as well as the seedlings I have in rock wool.

8 – Supposedly Feminized Master Kush (hydro 400w hps/mh)
6 – Unknown Strain 😀 (undecided hydro or soil 400w hps/mh)
? – Reggie bag seed (soil 400w hps/mh)

I wont post nutes or anything … I’ll just show you in a picture tomorrow. Updates every day guys.
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  • 400w royal queen master kush grow


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