I fucked all my girls friends in HS before her


And sometimes I think it bothers her. Me and my girlfriend are in college but went to the same high school. I wanted her for years, and now she’s mine. But in that time before I slept with and/or dated just about ever friend she had.

She says it’s kind of annoying but not that big of a deal.

My big question is, would it be a deal breaker if I use it as ammo in a future argument? Like heres how I envision it.

GF: ::nag::

Me: yeah well you weren’t so cocky when my dick was buried in emilys ass were you?

GF: …

Foolproof right?
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  • not my girl vrind
  • ho scopato a scuola
  • baisse my girl freind
  • courbbe d' herlang


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