Bigger tent = cooler temps?



I have:

60x60x140cm tent

250w hps dual spec with reflector hood

4" rvk exhaust fan sucking through a 4" prima kilma carbon filter

Clip on 5" fan near bottom of tent blowing up on bulb

My temps run at about 80-83 at canopy level, I have the light about 60cm from plants (is that ok?).

I have ordered an oscillating fan which I’m hoping will mix the air up as my temps at top of tent are cooler than the canopy at the moment.

My question is if I get a say 1.2mx1.2mx2m tent will this help my temps? I’m venting the exhaust out into my hallway and the temp in the room itself ranges from 60-70.

Thanks in advance any help with this appreciated.
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  • 4x8 grow tent oscillating fan

  • 4x8 grow tent oscillating fan


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