Gorilla Glue in Bubbler?


What up grasscity civilians, I’ve got a problem. Just bought a nice bubbler with some friends that turned out to be partially defective. There’s a hole in the down-stem parallel to the carb. Meaning, the air travels down from the bowl but goes thru the hole instead of going all the way down to the chamber and filtering. Pretty much a big ol’ pipe. So then, we tried putting gorilla glue around the hole and we let it dry for 24 hours. But we’re now worried about the effects of burning and accidentally smoking the gorilla glue.

The glue sits just below the bowl and is exposed towards the top of the down-stem but barely. We haven’t smoked it since applying the glue which is why I came here to ask what you guys thought.

The red shows where the glue is, right under the bowl.

It’s hard to see in this picture but the glue is directly in sight of the carb.

Let me know what you guys think! Thanks.
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