Indoor Growing : Skunk #1 first grow!


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Subject: Skunk #1 first grow!
Posted: 05November2011 at 00:11

Hello! This is my first time growin so i got some questions and i guess they will be poppin up during the grow!

Strain: Skunk #1 from sensi seeds ofcourse.

Veg room

Light: 600w MH

Grow space: 6 square meter, Height: 230 cm.

Medium: Soil

Nutrients: Canna bio veg

Bloom room (when it’s time to get them to bloom)

Light: 600w HPS

Grow space: 8 square meters, height 230 cm.

Medium: Soil

Nutrients: Canna bio bloom

To clarify something i will have 4 plants in 1 square meter, so i will have one 600w lamp per square meter. And i will start off with only growing 4 plants. Because of this they will still have alot of space to spread out on since im growing them openly in a room and not a tent.

So i will try to explain my thought on how i will grow them, I will have the four plants in the veg phase a little bit longer then normal, to try to get the plant a little big larger for a higher yield during bloom.

My idea of the plant is them becoming aprox 180cm when it’s time for harvest.

So my questions will be,

How long should i veg them?

Should i top them or not for max yield since im growing them big?

What is your experience when it comes to this strain? Flowering period, yield, hard to grow etc?

What yeild do you think i could expect from these 4 queens?

Cannot upload any pictures right now since im not starting until the 15th november! 🙂

Thanks for all replies and i will keep the thread updated with pic’s when i start the growing! 🙂

Hopefully this will be the first of many happy sensi-seeds grows for me!
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