More Chicago Propaganda: Marijuana Causes Mental Chaos


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With increased discussion of legalizing MMJ in Chicago, the propaganda machines are shifting into high gear.

Let’s pick them apart.

Quote: Yet some in the medical and law enforcement worlds say the growing use of marijuana — especially among young people — is becoming a serious health problem.

Really? You mean the people who profit from the Drug War have concerns about marijuana? Let’s see they have to say.

Quote: “It’s not the devil,” said Dr. Joseph Lee, medical director of Hazelden Center for Youth and Families in Plymouth, Minn. “It’s not going to save society and it’s not going to be the downfall of society. But I have seen more young people coming in with psychotic symptoms related to marijuana.”

The problem with these "medical professionals" is that they ardently reject the concept of self-medication. Teens with preexisting psychological conditions often turn to marijuana, as it is an excellent medication for many of these disorders. Doctors, being the brainwashed, pharma-pushers that they are, almost uniformly state that the marijuana was causative, when in many cases, it is actually medication. All they need for justification is to have a teen with mental problems admit that they smoke, or have ever smoked.

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Quote: Lee emphasized that only a small percentage of young pot smokers appear to be predisposed to suffering from mental problems related to the drug.

Translate: We are fear mongering to justify our existence.

Quote: Still, with marijuana use rising, Lee said he’s seeing more of those patients in his clinic and some are coming from Chicago for treatment.

As it stands, over 57% of all those seeking "treatment" do so because they were court ordered, making the Justice System the leading cause of "addiction" at present. Only 13% admit themselves:

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Quote: Memory and productivity suffer among kids who abuse marijuana, Lee said. “Some kids come in with government conspiracy stories, mild levels of paranoia or disorganized thinking,” he added.

First of all, regulate distribution to keep children from smoking marijuana. This should be a no-brainer by now.

Second of all, I don’t smoke marijuana. I will tell you about government conspiracies too. For example: The government keeps marijuana illegal to protect profits for the elite. Conspiracy fact.

Finally, you’d be paranoid too if your people were being arrested, one every 19 seconds. Couldn’t find an updated graphic, but it is 19 seconds now:

Quote: “But research is conclusive that people who smoke pot are at a higher rate of developing psychotic symptoms,” he said. “It is still relatively small, but significant. It is twice what you would find in non-pot smokers.”

Fist off, where is your research. Link it please. Second off, you are still neglecting to consider self-medication of preexisting conditions as a possibility, which is abjectly negligent for a doctor. Finally, does this small percentage warrant "treatment" at the hands of the criminal justice system? Does that pose any less harm? We think not.

Quote: Over the last 30 years, marijuana growers have engineered stronger strains, Lee said. Some marijuana grown today is five times more potent than the “Cheech and Chong” pot of the ’70s, experts say.

A direct result of prohibition. People want to carry less marijuana due to the fact that criminal prosecution focuses on amounts in weight. This does not mean greater doses: That is an irresponsible conclusion used to justify prohibition.

The truth of the matter is that cannabis consumers self-regulate intake, just like alcohol consumers. Smoking too much simply isn’t pleasurable to consumers, similar to alcohol. Marijuana is expensive, we don’t waste it. More potent marijuana requires less consumption, so it lasts users longer.

Quote: Peter Bensinger, head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in the 1970s and early 1980s, pointed to recent studies showing marijuana use among motorists doubles the risk of car crashes and that pot causes “cognitive chaos” in the brains of rats.

Another prohib speaks to justify his existence. Check out this link:

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Find out the truth for yourselves. I won’t even insult anyone by commenting on the difference between humans and rats.

Quote: Bensinger said he opposes proposed legislation to allow medical use of marijuana in Illinois. He also doesn’t like the idea of issuing tickets to people in Chicago caught with small amounts of pot. On Wednesday, several aldermen introduced such an ordinance as an alternative to officers making misdemeanor arrests — because most of those cases are dropped in court

Proof that this is a prohib justifying his existence and protecting his paycheck.

Quote: Chicago ought to have a system that allows the courts to waive a misdemeanor pot possession charge if a person successfully completes six months of drug tests, Bensinger said.

“Marijuana is not just illegal, but unhealthy and dangerous,” he said. “You need a sanction with a bite — and a ticket won’t do it.”

Proof that the system artificially over-inflates "addiction statistics". No wonder both cops and "addiction doctors" have the same political opinions on marijuana.

Quote: Bensinger said only 16 percent of the people who go through a drug-testing program become repeat offenders, compared to more than 45 percent who are processed through the courts and are sent to jail or prison.

Finally, some truth, though quite unintended, I’m sure. True addiction should be treated as a mental health issue rather than a criminal justice issue. I wonder if this guy will ever realize the contradiction? Not likely.

Quote: “Drug tests work great,” he said.

If you profit from them, sure.

Quote: “Smoking tobacco and drinking have become less glamorous with years of public education about the dangers of tobacco and drunken driving,” he said. “We are seeing the exact opposite with marijuana. Social scorning of marijuana use is being replaced by the idea that it is medicine and not that bad for you. Based on the evidence I’ve seen, it is dangerous.”

This guy is comparing tobacco and alcohol with marijuana.

Enough said.
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