Need help/advice for a depressed friend


Hey blades I need some help.

I’ve got a friend, let’s call him S, and he’s depressed. We’re in highschool, (yes i’m 18) and he turns 18 in less than a month. He’s Indian and comes from a family with high expectations. This term we’re applying to colleges and he’s got Cs in two classes, and its really getting him down. He’s super self conscious about his height, he’s like 5’6 or so. S has never gotten with a girl and seems afraid of any girl that my friends and I try to set him up with. He doesn’t smoke weed with us and doesn’t drink with us either. He’s down to chill with us but he heard somewhere that weed stunts your growth so he’s paranoid about that. I think a combination of never kissing a girl and having bad grades on his transcript for colleges is making him depressed.

Some of our friends think that they should tell school authorities that he’s depressed and in trouble. (I personally think this is a terrible idea and that he won’t respond positively to it)

What should I do? S is one a my good buds and it sucks to see him so down. Do you blades have any words of wisdom or advice on what I could tell or do for him?

tl;dr my friend is depressed b/c of school and his physical appearance. How do I cheer him up and get him back on his feet?
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