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i have lived without internet at my home for over a month now… at first it was nice I have been reading some good literature and spending time organizing and getting shit done, but after a while that has gotten deathly boring not having any form of entertainment. i have spent hours just reading the stupid bullshit newsletters and ads that come in the mail (i know i am pathetic), i almost considered buying national enquirer at the grocery store just to have something mindlessly entertaining to read. to make things worse i have no friends and no car, so every day i dread going home from work because it is so horribly boring.

i probably spend about an hour a day just playing the 1 player computer chess that comes pre loaded with windows, and dont get me started on mahjong! that game sucks!

i have become one of those desperate people that go to the library or a coffee shop just to shoot the shit on the internet…

my question to you guys is can anyone recommend some free video game or something i can download and can entertain myself with offline? since i use university internet it cant be anything illegally downloaded… i was thinking about trying an emulator game but i have already played through chrono trigger a bunch of times on snes emulator, unless there are other good freeware rpg games out there that i dont know about?

oh yea and the obvious advice "get internet" doesn’t help because i am only living at my current apartment for another month so it doesn’t make sense to pay the setup fees for that short of a time.
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