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I’m planning out a computer build and was looking for some help on picking a processor. I like AMD over Intel (I hate Intel…have for years) so I am trying to choose either a Phenom II or AMD FX processor. Would like six processors and if still worth it lower wattage chip like 90-95w instead of 125w. Plan on using this as my entertainment center pc so it will be on a lot. My first feelings were between the 1035T and the 1100T. Both six processors, 1035 is 90w, but somewhat slower in Ghz. Ratings not as solid for the FX chips, some saying Intels chip is faster, others code needs updated in a lot of software. Also, I have read about some 11-bit memory for the 1035T (and I guess similar chips), designed for AMD chips….is it worth the extra money (I assume) and where can I find out more about it? Thank you for your help!
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