spice bros c99 x "lieu hanh"


strain – spice bros c99 x "lieu hanh" (neville’s haze x viet black)
indica/sativa – fairly mid
indoor/outdoor – indoor grow w/ 400W HPS + several flourescents including repti-glo flourescent curly bulb
(i had a yeast bucket going on these)
days flowered and trichomes color(s) – appx. 10 weeks
medium – soil with lots of perlite. supplemented with dolomite lime, bat guano, kelp
nutrients – the fox farm trio
curing method and time – buds hung upside down on string for ? a week or two
high – more up, read below
potency – sweet

grow was in a crowded 4×4′ closet, lots of plants competing for space (i think i had 9 5gal buckets?? plus some 2gals). this grow was in 2009 so i don’t remember all the details.

i had a bunch of males in another closet and a lot of the lower branches you can see were tagged for crosses and fat with seeds.. i must have germed all 10 beans, because i had 3 girls and 3 boys. phenotypes were fiarly different, there was a short, medium and tall plant in each. the short girl was really blonde and the medium was really red. tall girl was at least 4′.. i believe i did over 8, so say maybe 9 weeks of veg, and 10 plus a few days of flower.

first pic has a u.s. quarter sitting on a short girl leaf. massive fan leaves.. and this plant smelled like food. you wanted to eat it.. really savoury. (durban leaves on the right side of that pic). no probs growing, the kelp came through.. i really like that smell and taste.

second pic is the shorty (i believe seedsman original haze to right). buds were thick and solid.. i don’t think i weighed until months afterwards, but i’d expect that there was a half pound on each?? buds were solid, no troubles with mold where i lived, arid climate.

plants were fairly low odor and only occasionally during the heat of flowering would the steamy, savoury food but giveaway ganja smell come off them.

beautiful plants. radiated health.

taste – fruity and fairly stony (i guess that’s the "hash" taste). these plants were not legendary c99 killers. what i ended up with was a good yield of potent smoke.

it’s been a while, and after this grow i had 3 of these phenos, original haze, a heap of durban, some tiny indica skunk that reeked of pinesol and lemon and went right up your nose but in a good way like having your head/palate flushed out with lemon sunshine, and some medical indica that could leave me staring at the ceiling all day from a few hits. the c99 lieu hanh made up the bulk of my supply, and i only occasionally smoked only one kind in a day to get the idea of a strain, so it’s hard to say precisely, given the elapsed time, what these were like..

i seem to remember it as a good all-purpose smoke, not too sativa (and definately not the scary racy stuff people talk about with c99, or maybe i just don’t notice racy) and not too indica, just a great mid. i also have the idea that it wasn’t the most clear-headed.. i could smoke durban all day and feel capable, but i think this started to give me an impression that after a few hours i’d feel a bit cluttered and slow down some. but i also remember thinknig that could have been because it was some heavy calibre weed and might not have noticed since i had loads of kind..

this grow was really my second with any yield, the first one i really got right (though i still stressed my plants by pushing them more than i needed to) and my target was sativa. i like having some bomb indica around for holidays but up/sativa is the thing. i don’t know if, given the low price of some very decent sat strains (from my experience with durban and OH) that i’d replace it again apart from nostalgia as there are plenty of other mids i haven’t tried. i’d call it fine all-around smoke, no one complained, easy plant to grow, fairly stealth and the foliage smells just awesome. those big fan leaves are the size of dinner plates.

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  • spice καπνοπωλεια
  • lieu hanh sativa
  • neville x c99
  • spice καπνοπωλειο

  • spice καπνοπωλεια
  • spice καπνοπωλειο
  • lieu hanh sativa


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