Iran’s vows of a "crushing response" are falling flat…


Iran is doubling down on its previous strategy.

So much is evident from their responses to the IAEA report and to the past few weeks of news.

they warn of “crushing responses” and blah blah fucking blach… instead of emphasizing that they want to be in peace with the rest of the world, they are basically calling everyone out and daring them to do something.

well, it worked before, and has worked for a long time…so why not?

ill tell you – because things done changed.

Iran literally has no friends these days. Russia and China might be fairweather friends, sucking the excess oil out of ayatollahs sandbox… but even the rest of the arab world is shit scarred of the crazy shia in iran…

They literally couldnt be more isolated in the world, if they tried. China and Russia are only waiting for the West to offer them a sweeter deal than iran does…thats hardly friendship… and who are irans other “Friends”- hugo chavez and fidel castro?

i mean come on here.

But I keep seeing over and over how the coordinated response is a media response- pretty interesting actually- they respond via media to threats that were made via media… its like the whole world fights thru the media and the internet now…

so russia and china say “uh oh an attack would be devastating” etc …even the pussies on the left in france say the same stuff- Its not that I dont see their point, its that for them to make that point is basically just being the oppourtunist peacenik pussy in this situation -the same way chirac took the anti iraq view not because he really knew, but because hes a pussy frog eater who wanted to act like he was better than britain and the us 😀

but the point is- all this talk about “devastating responses” is nonsense… iran might be able to fight us on the internet- but if america and nato and israel and using saudi airspace decided to overthrow the ayatollah dictatorship it would happen. probably fairly quickly.

and the new elected representatives of iran would thank us, they wouldnt attack us.

so whats this “devastating” attack they threaten? well if its nukes of some sort, then they know what they get in return, so unless they want to die, (which is possible) it wont be a nuclear response…. and what else could they do ? lob a few of those bulshit iranian missles at israel or turkey or us ships ?

they couldnt do anything, and they would lose…. so all this talk is their strategy – make it seeem like they are big and bad and scary… and hopefully the other side will blink first.

If there was ever a clear bluff, and a clear opportunity to call the bluff, this is it.

my 2 cents. thoughts?
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