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  • 12. November 2011
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Hello All,

Just starting back up after a couple of years lay off.
The room I have is 4ft wide x 5ft long and 6ft high, I am growing in Coco using 7.5Ltr pots with a dripper system and Canna Coco a+b nute’s + Cannazyme, so far.
Growing 12 plants in 5 varieties in total, sitting in Garland trays, 4 pots to a tray.
Light is a large Adjusta Wing shade with 1 600w and 1 400w hps bulb’s, covers the plants area perfect.
Exhaust is a 6″ Ruck fan and Rhino filter to match with a 5″ inlet.

The plants are now 2 wks into 12/12 and looking in top form, bud sites are now forming on all varieties.

1 x Chocolope
1 x Iced grapefruit
1 x Moby Dick
3 x Rocklock
6 x White Siberian

Right the question is can anyone point me in which booster to use, only ever used PK 13/14 in soil a long time ago, just seen Foxfarm nutes in the local grow shop but the bloke that runs it is on holiday and the plank in charge knows #### all about them.
Tried the UK forums but no sensible replies, is this new on the market over here I don’t know.
I need to be able to buy them in the UK if you have any suggestions.

Sorry for the ramble for a short question, but though it best to cover the bases.

Thanks Kev 🙂

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  • fox farm boosters to buy uk
  • tippukastelusuutin
  • λιπασματα dynagro

  • fox farm boosters to buy uk
  • λιπασματα, dynagro
  • tippukastelusuutin


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