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  • 13. November 2011
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Hi guys i need some advice on a light for vegging. My setup is:

secret jardin DR120 ii tent – 120 x 120 x 200
150mm rvk extractor w/ rhino filter
600w hps light w/ ballast

im looking to buy an intake fan etc next week and start from seed asap. Im looking to grow 4 sage n’ sour plants from seed started in a heated propagator and i was looking for some input on a light for vegging. i dont think heat will be a problem but i heard its better to have lights closer so would a small mh light be good or too hot? can i use it from seed? Is cfl or t5 the way to go? im looking for the cheapest to run/buy option obviously but if for a little more i could get drastically different results then i’d go for that. Some feedback on your experiences would be great!
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