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  • 29. December 2011
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I didn’t post this in the Security forums because this is more of an open and light discussion. If a mod feels the need to move it please do so 😀

Without giving away too much about myself, I deal a lot in data storage and security, as well as networked security. Currently, I’m connected to a VPN in Sweden posting this, one my personal company administers fully so I’m fully aware of what paths my data is taking. Not saying I’m super-paranoid about it but it’s a rather simple measure for me to insure my digital well-being.

I’m more so wondering what everyone else thought about their own digital well-being?
I know TOR is one of the more popular options for growers (even though it still leaks DNS resolves, and SOCKS leaks a bunch of other metrics as well…), but do you generally even enable such a measure if you use it?

Is anyone browsing via a simple web-proxy? Is everyone else just sitting at home on their Comcast connection uploading images of their grow?

I’m not here to make paranoid people even more paranoid, but if anyone has any questions about the digital link between us, then I’d be more than happy to answer.

The facts are that digital surveillance is becoming even easier and even more mainstream.
I urge you to find out some more about what governments (namely the US) are trying to force upon us.
Look up PIPA, SOPA, and just various information on internet censorship or tracking.

I know for a fact that my ISP tracks and filters my connection, I get emails from them all the time about it 😀

Any thoughts? Comments? Questions? Issues? Need some advise in securing yourself? Wanna put in some more info for others? 😀
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