durban poison II


1) strain – durban poison
2) breeder – ? unknown -> (only registered users can se the link, login or register)
3) sativa
4) indoors – 400w HPS + several cheap CFLs and a 13w exo-terra repti-glo desert UV-B bulb
5) days flowered – probably around 12 weeks, trichomes color into amber
6) cheap soil with very high perlite mix
7) nutes – kelp meal, bat guano, worm castings, dolomite lime, fox farm trio
8) curing – 1 week aired in arid climate, then burped in jars
9) type of high – *up*
10) potency 8/10
11) taste/effects – it’s been a while.. previously i wrote ‘piney’. not a hash/dank taste. effect is totally clear/cerebral high. this is the perfect all day productive toke for eg. artists
12) medicinal uses – hmm.. eases hang-ups

it’s been over two years since i smoked any of this. i ran this on two grows, the first grow was majorly screwed, so i wanted to do it (and me) justice by posting pics from the second grow, and maybe leave the first report i did on this in obscurity.

you’re looking at 10, 11 to 12 weeks on this. i believe these went into 12 and were a bit amber heavy.

story on my DP –
years ago someone here recommended DP to me as a clear sativa. the site listed above has a great price. i’m not sure on the breeder story with them. i didn’t have the best germ environment (desert.. everything wants to eat your seeds) and only one made it. luckily it was female.

on the first run i scorched it and put it through some other stresses. i cloned/revegged it, and on the second run i had some new "prize" strains that got all the attention, especially from the camera, so the durb got a backseat.

i had somewhere between a pound and a pound and a half of it, and whenever none of the other specialties i had were appealing, i’d bust out the durb. no weed hangover, no weird taste.. it doesn’t taste like lemon but it feels like lemonade.. refreshing and reliable. i’m a creative programmer, and it was the perfect weed for my job. the buds were typical sativa, foxtailed, not really dense but still packed on a good amount of weight. none of the buds were superfrosty glam, maybe a tip here and there. i wish i’d photographed the buds.

i remember now someone i trust as an expert said a local professor ran a juicy fruit sativa (?!) that she recommended over my durban. obviously, being my first real growing success, i had a lot of pride in this plant. but for $20, this strain is a freaking bargain.

the plant is vigorous, clones well, virtually no veg odor (or flower if i remember correctly – i didn’t have to use a scrubber on the DP only run). afaik DP is supposed to have been bred for guerilla growing. through the last few years i haven’t seen DP get a lot of attention, i guess it’s not cool atm.

sad thing, i had to leave the country and ended up tossing all the seeds i made and most of this bud. that’s a story that doesn’t need to be in this thread. i grabbed some more from the seller though, seeds look the same, very small.

this grow had lieu hanh 99 and original haze in it, and a few oddball indicas. the DP was stashed here and there between them, so all shots are a mix.

#2) top right is haze, the rest of the thin stuff is "the durb"
#3) bud at top of picture is LH99

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