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If its true, that in 2012 will be the end of the world, i’d like to have some experiance with outdoor growing. I have done only few indoor grows. 🙂

So i need some help.
I live in Eastern Europe. The season starts in end of the may, and ends in the end of the august – mid september.
The average temperature is 18*-27*.

There is about 3-3.5 months to do from seed to harvest.

So, what i need from you , friends?
I dont know what strain could be the best for this climate .

It deffinetly will be some kind of indica dominant.

Yesterday i remembered about ” Easy Rider” , i dont have experiance with it , but i have experiance with ak, and if its cross with lowrider, that just means that its autoflowering. – Right?

I had experiance with ” Top 44 Skunk ” , it was done fast indoors. But how about outdoors?
Indors it was done with month growing, and 7-7.5 Weeks flowering.
Does it takes longer time to get done with flowering outdoors?

Im thinking about 20 plants. Atleast 4 different strains.
And it could be nice, to harvest at least 80 gr./plant.

Give me some advice about strains , please.
First time outdoors. 😉 😀
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  • rubbermaid kotelot


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