Ghost Radar on smart phone


Ok, so this might sound crazy to some but I was wondering if anybody besides myself has messed around on a droid app called ghost radar. It is also available on ipods and other phone services. The app claims to use the many sensors in the smartphone/ipod to read energies and if something intelligent wants to communicate it can say a word on the screen. I know it has a very large word database including names of all types. I even got a name to pop up "Bronwen" which sounds pretty old. Anyways I was skeptical about it at first but then it said my name. Then another time it would say words that would be relevant to the situation like I had a cup in my hand as I entered the room and it said "Cup". And once, the screw was loose on my door knob which hit the ground in my kitchen and it said "loose".
There have been several occasions witnessed by others besides myself where it seems to be answering questions intelligently. It also said my friends name when we asked it to because my friend didn’t believe.
Anybody else tried this app or had any experiences? Free app so try it out and report back.
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